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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The cold front is here, are you staying warm and cozy?!

I wanted to make this post about staying positive. It is over halfway through the semester, but it isn't over. Staying positive and continuing to work hard will bring you the results you want. Sometimes a bad grade, few bad grades, a tragic episode, or the loss of a loved one can affect our path, but it is alright to take a detour and return back on track.

I believe grades are important, yet it is not an end all or be all situation. With the thought that everything in life happens for a reason, faith and positivism remain in order to keep hope alive. However, just hope will not get you anywhere and neither will thinking I failed so there is a reason for it. It could also be that "I didn't study well for that test" or "I didn't completely understand that material." With hope, we cannot forget to be realistic and truthful about ourselves. It is important to know honestly why something occurred the way it did and approach it differently next time.

Using excuses to cover things up isn't the way to achieve success. Acknowledging the truth about what happened and why it happened, allows us to either re-route, or plan a different path altogether in order to gain the understanding we need to achieve our maximum potential. It is also okay to reach out and ask for help when we are stuck instead of trying to battle everything on our own. There is no age where it isn't okay to reach out to friends, family, a therapist, or any person that can guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

- A Human Just Like You

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