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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Welcome back to a new school year; 2019-2020!!!!!

I want to begin this school year with a blog on learning disabilities. In this age, learning disabilities seem very prevalent and it is because we now have resources to identify learning disabilities. Once it is identified, what do we do next. There is a plethora of information and advice that can be found from doctors, learning centers, the internet, teachers, other parents, and many others. It can be a task sifting through all the various sources of information to find the path that can most help you or your child.

Note: This blog assumes that you have already identified that you or your child has a learning disability. This can be noted because you or your child is having trouble reading, comprehending material or instruction, or other hindrances that affect normal school and/or work experiences.

Once discovered that a disability may exist, this question arises: Where do I begin my search for the most helpful advice?

First, begin with a professional advice by getting yourself or your child tested for learning disabilities that you or your child faces. This will confirm or disprove the existence of a learning disability.

Once you identify the learning disability that hinders you or your child's learning or work experience, you should know what aspect of learning is a drawback. For example, some have trouble decoding words, which hinders reading. As reading is a prerequisite to learning any subject matter, this is a skill that should be developed as early as possible. The skill of phonetic awareness and decoding is not part of the school system, but could be an essential skill that you or your child lacks. What do you do if you are unable to bridge this gap for you or your child? Find a learning center or a tutor that can work with you or your child to present skills that makes this process clear and allows you to make reading a more doable task instead of daunting and something to be avoided.

The most important thing is to remain present in your own or your child's education to identify learning hindrances early on to assist in making learning an enjoyable experience.

I look forward to going through this school year with all of you!!! Do share your own or a loved one's experience with learning disabilities and how you or they were able to overcome it. Let's form a community of parents, educators, students, and other learning professionals to help each other out!!!

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